Example of DAC®;application in oncological joint replacement

Patient with peripheral G1 chondrosarcoma (on previous exostosis) aged 65.

Risk factors include non-insulin dependent diabetes and severe obesity.

On July 2015 she underwent resection and reconstruction surgery with a pelvic implant and a left proximal femoral replacement prosthesis. The postoperative antibiotic therapy was Ceftazidime 2g every 8 hours for three days, Tobramycin 5mg / kg / day every 24 hours for 3 days.

At the time of surgery we used 10 ml of DAC®, hydrated with sterile water containing 8 ml of Gentamicin.

The DAC® coating was spread on the entire surface of the implants where cement was not present.

Proximal iliac osteotomy and femoral osteotomy approximately 13 cm from the apex of the greater trochanter, and removal of the tumoral mass.
Implants positioning and DAC® Hydrogel application.
Post-Op control and check of the surgical wound.
The patient post-op course went uneventfully without any sign of infection. 

12 months and 30 months follow-up X-Rays. 
The patient is disease free, in good general health conditions and she walks with the aid of two canes.  

Courtesy of Dr. Carmine Zoccali – Orthopaedic Oncological Division – Regina Elena National Cancer Institute Rome, Italy